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5 Things on a Friday #6

Monday, 13 February 2012

I know, I know. It's not Friday. It's Monday, but to be honest last week was pretty rubbish and I was tired and excuse, excuse, excuse... So here they are 5 things (not) on a Friday #6.
  1. Superbowl 46 and my day off. I decided ages ago that I'd stay up and watch the Superbowl live on BBC1 and so ever the planner, i booked a day off on Monday. It was great having a weekend safe in the knowledge that you didn't have to get up for work on Monday. The Superbowl was Giants v Patriots. Giants won. I began to understand how the game works and in my opinion Tom Brady was single-handedly ruling certain parts of that game. Madonna was the half time show. Miming. Not keen on her new song though. Are you? My Superbowl experience was pretty cool. The day off next day was better. Spin class, late breakfast and a trip to Ikea to buy nothing that was on my list. I did however purchase a toilet seat for £7.99. Bargain.
  2. I put three bags of clothes i don't wear any more to the charity shop. They'd been laying around the place for so long and finally i deposited them at a place more needier than me. My drawers are a little less bulgy and I can find trousers in my wardrobe much easier. Good all round.
  3. I found some of the most inspiring videos on YoutTube and the web this week. From beauty tutorials and hauls to proper bona fide entrepreneurs. Proper ones. Not some of those bullshitters you find around. Totally inspiring and telling it like it is from real success stories. But back to the beauty hauls... I am obsessed with this stuff in the past 6 months. One I found via a blog i read called Buy now Blog Later and Laura. A Brit living in Dubai. She has style and a good sense of the latest items. Anyway she tweeted last Sunday evening about Make Up Never Sleeps channel. I hopped over to YouTube and spent the next 3 hours watching her videos. They are funny and a bit tongue in cheek but there ain't no bullshit. We likey.
  4. I excelled myself again with 4 spin classes, 2 back to back on Wednesday. Rawr. Except on Friday someone stole 'my' bike. Grrr. On the plus side i found a new one right at the front of class and it'll give me a great view.... if you know what I mean.
  5. I realised that I need to be a bit less naive when it come to people. It's a hard lesson to learn let me tell you. I mean how many times can you be disappointed because people won't go that extra mile for you when you'd run to the end of the earth for them. Serious. Anyway, it's now time to look after number one (me, obvs) and get a handle on being better at life in general. Are you with me?

Angela x



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