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Saturday, 25 February 2012

I thought I'd do another post about my nails. They were in a bit of a state there for a few weeks. Still are really. I got a Shellac manicure offer from the Itision offer website and whilst the colour was nice, the application wasn't what i expected from a 2 week (normally £35!!) manicure. Shellac is meant to be a two week nail treatment that is set in place by a UV light. I chose the colour Red Baroness which was dark red burgundy with a slight gold shimmer. Lovely. But the application was messy and not up to my standard from a 'professional'. To be honest the whole experience put me off getting a professional manicure again. She was using the sawing back and forth action whilst filing my nails with an emery board. She then 'buffed' my nails to dehydrate them(!) with the gritty side of a nail buffer(!!!!!!!) and it was said that was so the Shellac colour would take to the nails. Surely the base coat would do that job? no? (beauty therapists help me out here). Anyway, i was disappointed. Not with the colour but the whole experience. It still cost me £19 on offer. So much so that after only a few days i decided to pick the colour off. Thankfully the colour came off in one pull. I realised that Shellac must mean that the colour is almost like some sort of vinyl paint. Anyway, underneath my poor nails were dry and you could see where she'd gone over them with that gritty buffer. Yuck. Surely that can't be good for your nails. Anyway i decided i was best to stick to my own nail colour and application.

So here they are...
Essie Topless and Barefoot. This is two coats, because I can't be bothered to do a third coat and wait on it drying again. It would benefit from a third coat i think. It's pretty good consistency, goes on smooth but you really do need 3 coats for perfect colour. It's a pale beige nude colour, has a hint of light peach in it in my opinion. It goes ok with my pale complexion. I have Deborah Lippman Naked colour which is similar but this one suits me better.
Essie Topless and Barefoot

Essie Topless and Barefoot

At the bottom, you can see i decided to spice it up with a coat of China Glaze Snow Globe over the top on the ring fingers on each hand. It's such a great combination as the Snow Globe is a subtle clear glitter polish with pastel blue, peach, yellow and pink glitter a hex glitter pieces. I would even go as far to say that I'd wear this combo on all fingers on both hands. It's that subtle.

What do you think?!

Essie Topless and Barefoot with China Glaze Snow Globe on top of ring finger

Angela x

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