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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yes, that's right. Three whole years have passed since I joined Twitter. I can't actually tell you when my first tweet was though. Maybe I just lurked about there for a few days. Can you find out? One of the first people I followed, and still do to this day, is Ashton Kutcher. We all follow Ashton, right? along with the soon to be ex Mrs Kutcher. I liked their tweets. Still do. We got (get) to see a side of celebs that we wouldn't normally get to see. I like that.

I would recommend anyone to get themselves a Twitter account. But my biggest piece of advice I could give to you is just to be yourself. Be honest. Be you. Tweet what you want, when you want - just don't be nasty or vile or harassing. Watch yourself on that, kids.

Engage with people (I've a whole blog post on engagement coming soon). In my mind it's how you get the best out of it for yourself. I don't go in for that thing of limiting the number of tweets you send per day. Who's counting anyway? Granted, there are times when people are constantly retweeting stuff and it looks like spam so I just scroll past it. Find your happy medium. Find cool, interesting, fun people to engage with and to make your world that little bit better. I've found a few. The faithfuls. The ones I can reply on to tweet some of the good shit or to just bring a smile to your face.

Pretty much everything I said in this post at the beginning of 2011 still stands. Have a read. If you want to.

Here's a few people I like following:

@Joey7Barton Before Twitter I'd have turned my nose up at the mention of his name. Joey Barton was that footballer who always seemed to be getting himself into bother on and off the pitch. Now, having followed his tweets for a good few months i can honestly say he's been a revelation. He take some abuse on it but is fit for the protagonists. Much of what he tweets about is true, in my opinion. He's often getting into trouble with the powers that be of the FA but he doesn't care much. I find it refreshing that he seems to tweet so freely and can back up what he says.

@JohnPrescott  The Lord himself. Starts lots of funny little hashtag games, although admittedly I do find them annoying at times. He seems a lot of fun. You only need to check out his avatar - boxing robe and all!

@Audi my dream car manufacturer and they 'do' Twitter so well. Engaging with (lucky) customers and those of us who lust after an Audi in equal measure. The tone of the account is fun and informative and who doesn't love a picture of a new R8 to lust over.

That's all I'm listing just now. I might come back later and add a few more.

Angela x



  1. Mine is April 7th 2007 - My blog birthday is first which will also be celebrating 5 Years.


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