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5 Things on a Friday #8

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Which again are typed on a Saturday! Oh what the heck, here goes...

  1. BRAVE. Disney Pixar's new summer 2012 movie. The trailer is ace. The stills looks amazing. This is one animated movie i cannot wait to see! See my previous post.
  2. My new Origins cleansing oil for my face. I got it a few weeks ago and love the feel of cleansing your face with oil. i have weird skin. Very dry but gets oily during the day. I've tried all sorts of cleansers and have yet to come up against one that does exactly what it says on the tin. You know the description.... leaves your skin feeling soft fresh brightened! Err. Nope. This one is a bit better but still not my holy grail of facial cleansing. But i love using it. It's the feeling of your fingers sliding over a normally dry face with such grace and elegance. Ok ok that but was shite but it's just a nice feeling giving yourself a facial massage every morning and evening. My face is still a bit dry afterwards (which was really disappointing) but i'll persevere. It may be the current weather and central heating causing it.
  3. Wearing heels to work. Well, heeled boots to be exact. I said to myself that this year i would try not to wear the Converse every single day of the year so for now I'm trying to be ladylike and proper 'work' least 3 days a week ;)
  4. Watched the cycling world cup at the Olympic Velodrome last weekend. Sir Chris Hoy won another few golds and the whole thing got me all excited and so looking forward to the Olympics! Cannae wait.
  5. Checked my online bank balance during the week and was slightly surprised that i had more money left his month than usual. Result! Pay day again on Tuesday too. Woo!

Angela x


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