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5 things on a Friday #7

Friday, 17 February 2012

I'm just gonna rattle on through these finve things because i don't have much time. Lunch time at work you see. There were so many good things about the week that has passed. Here are five though...

  1. THE MUPPETS movie. YES, in CAPITALS!! I saw it last Saturday afternoon sat in a cinema that was about 87% full of kids and there parents/grandparents. Once they'd calmed down and were quiet the movie started. Right from the get go it is an uplifting, joyful and happy hour and a bit spent in the cinema. Wowsers. I used to watch The Muppets way way back inthe day and this film was good. I smiled all the way through it. There too were some excellent cameo roles, one in particular I LOVED! I won't spoil it by telling you who but i think you'll like it too. Oh and I loved that Scooter has been working at Google. Nice touch. Oh and Jason Segel is brilliant. Amy Adams plays the same part she played os well in Enchanted. Another good family movie. Good see THE MUPPETS.
  2. All New People. Zach Braff's new play came to Glasgow via Manchester before he takes it to the West End. I spent Thursday night at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow watching it. It was funny and clever and the cast were excellent, particularly 'Emma'. If you can get tickets i'd recommend this one too!
  3. Week one of semester has begun again. It's normally a hectic time with over 700 students queueing up over 3-4 days to sign up to tutorial groups. I normally do this manually andmet every one of them but this year we've tried it online. I set it all up for them, set the modules to go 'live' at different times and prayed the technical glitches of last semester didnt happen again. Result! It worked, all fine. I saved myself a lot of stress and time and the students appear to like it too. Winning all around, high five!
  4. Friends: This week seems to have been filled wirth friends reappearing and it's nice. A few emails and texts from locations various. I really thought I was on my own for a while there.
  5. I found another cool blog to read, via someone i follow on Instagram. It's I Love You To The Moon Haven't had a chance to read much yet but i look forward to it over the weekend.

Here's a bonus number six...
I found the kids from PS22 school in New York on YouTube. They're a choral group and are so great and adorable. Millions of views on YouTube so not sure why i haven't seen them before. Anyway, now you can too!

Have a great weekend
Angela x


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