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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Tuesday! Ok, ok, it hasn't escaped my attention that it's also Valentine's Day. The day when couples and singles with crushes declare their love for each other. Blah blah blah. I've never been a fan of this day, even when i was with someone. There's too much pressure to buy things. Most of the time they're things you don't need. Then there's the dilemma of how much to spend. Does it depend on the length of time you've been together? 4 months equals a teddy with a rose in its mouth PLUS a meal from the Chinese. Who says romance is dead.

I'm not a fan of grand gestures. If I were lucky enough to have a Valentine (and I use that only because of the date), I'd be more than happy with a little handwritten post it note stuck to the fridge just before I opened it to get out the ice cold milk to pour over my cornflakes. That's what I'd like. I'm not a flower girl either. I boke at the thought of someone spending a fortune on a bunch of red roses that will wilt and bend over in the vase within a matter of days. Give me a handwritten letter any day.

I bought a card yesterday. This card.

It'll never be sent. Cowardly? yes. But is there any point in sending a card to someone and not putting your name on it. They'll never know and you'll be right exactly where you are just now. I could always write my name on it. OH no I couldn't! Can you imagine?! What if he totally recoiled in horror at the thought of me sending him a card?! yikes. Then were'd I be? Right where I am but with a pure beamer (no 17). Anyway, I don't know his address (excuse number one). He'd hate me (excuse number two). Imagine my embarrassment if anyone else ever found out excuse number three)... I'm running out of excuses, aren't I...

I'm a Pisces. A romantic so the horoscopes say. They also say blue/green are my colours and I should be working in the caring profession. One of those might be true, but the rest is null and void. I am a romantic. A hopeless romantic in fact. In all situations in life I almost always try to take the view that everything will be fine and then i get smacked in the face with the ten ton hammer of reality. But a girl can dream can't she. Sure she can. She can dream that one day, whilst she's not searching (the movies say it happens when you least expect it) that he'll come along and sweep her off her feet. That's if the hammer hasn't knocked her flying to the pavement first.

I know that we're not all lucky enough to have a husband, wife, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend and so to all you lovely single unattached people out there, you are all wonderful and your day will come (if that's what you want). It will!

In the mean time, from me to you with love and a hug,
Happy Valentine's Day

Angela xx
...and an extra one for luck, X

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