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April photo a day challenge

Monday, 2 April 2012

It's that time again for another photo a day challenge from Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim blog. I actually love this series and cannot wait to see the whole collection at the end of the year. I'm trying to keep them all on my flickr account but i mostly upload them via Instagram (@Ange77H is my username there).

Anyway, enough talk, here's the list. Join in. #PhotoadayApril is the tag.

Angela x



  1. I joined in, in January but didn't finish it! Started February and didn't finish - didn't even start March because I knew I wouldn't finish it! Right so let's try April - it's my birthday month Let's see if I can finish this!

    1. i've really loved doing this monthly challenge. Can't wait to collate all the photos into a year one at the end. It's really good. Happy Birthday when it comes around! :)


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