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Monday, 16 April 2012

So my attempt at going totally mobile to blog didn't quite work. What am i talking about you may ask. Well, if you check the post right before this one Photo Week 1, you'll see that I'm going to start blogging my iPhonography photos on a weekly basis. Photos taken that week on the iPhone using various apps such as Instagram, iOS camera, Camera+ and any other decent apps i come across.

After figuring out that my best option to transfer photos from the phone to the iPad using Dropbox i set about with that post. I put a few photos together into frames using PicFrame app and published the post. It looked good. Yay.

Except not yay. I looked at it today on the computer at work and on there the pictures are fuzzy and out of focus. Why? Maybe i need to make the settings 'high def' when putting them into the frame app? If you know shout out.

So my attempt at doing everything mobile didn't quite work out. I'm currently typing this on the laptop. Which is fine but when i attempt to use Photoshop to do the framey thing where there are loads of pictures in one picture, it takes an age. Approximately 45 minutes for one simple photo. Reason being this is a 5 year old laptop with hardly any free space. It runs really slowly now although cosmetically it looks new. Grrrr....

I thought i'd broke the mobile blogging ducks back but i can't upload fuzzy pictures. I'm leaving them on the previous post so you can see what i mean. But for next week i must try to find a solution to this. I could always do a post with separate pictures in it but that would be mega long. You'd turn off.

If you've got any tips, leave me a comment. Please, thanks!

Angela x



  1. Try uploading to Flickr or something like that from your phone - then you can get the HTML code from Flickr via Safari and copy and paste it to the app/brower you're using for blogging.

    I don't know if this would fix it but it's what I'd do :)

    1. Yes i normally upload to Flickr then do it that way, but it's not so easy to do that on the iPad. I'd have to do that on the actual webpage instead of an app. I'll try to figure out another way.

    2. Can you do upload via the Flickr app or is that not available on ipad?

    3. Flickr doesn't have an iPad app. I'm sure there are other unofficial ones. I haven't looked into it yet.


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