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Five Things on a Friday #16

Monday, 23 April 2012

yes, yes, on a Monday! I know, I'm late, on.

1) This song. This version of this song. That is all.

Ok, so it's American Idol. But this guy has got it. His name: Phillip Phillips, what's not to love! I like that the music seems to flow through every part of his whole being. I love his raspy tone. I love his little shoulder shakes and that he reminds me of Chris Martin. I like this a lot. Oh and the girl is pretty decent too. I'd kinda missed this song when it was big and at number one in some chart for ages. But on hearing it lots lately I decided to hunt it down and found this version. I realised I hadn't really listened to all of the words and when i did I found they resonated. So, this has been on constant playback.

2) I saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen yesterday. Yes, yes, nice little movie. Ewan McGregor's character is a bit weird, but nice all the same. I spent half the film wondering if his character was meant to act like he had asberger's or was this their way of portraying a backward thinking scientist from Scotland. hhmmmm. anyway that's not what number 2 is about. It's all about ZAC EFRON. Oh Yes! I know he's a baby but my goodness have you seen the trailer for The Lucky One. He appears to have aged (a little bit) and grown into a bona fide hottie. Check, it, out!....

3) Will.I.Am... I have to admit i thought Will.I.Am was the least person I'd like off of the Black Eyed Peas. The only thing i remember him for is on XFactor miming badly with auto-tune-a-plenty. But, cue The voice (on BBC1). It's really good and a much better version of a reality TV show. Then i heard about the coaches (they're not judges on the Beeb you see). Jessie J, Sir Tim Jones, Danny Whathisface off of The Script and William. I wasn't too eager but then i saw the first show and when they all sung I gotta feeling on the first night i was hooked. They all work well together and I actually like them all on this show. But Will.I.Am is excellent. Really knows what he's talking about and is usually right when going with his gut instinct. His little facial features and cool personality have really changed my opinion of him. I want to be his pal! I think a lot of people are surprised by how much of a nice guy he seems. I say seems because you never can really tell from a TV screen can you. Also, he seems pretty tiny. Can anyone clarify this? Fanks.

4) Light nights. The street lights aren't coming on now until about 8.50pm. We timed it. I love the light nights. I love the sunsets on a day when it's been showering with rain one minute and bright sunshine the next. You get lovely cloud formations and we all know i live a nice cloud formations. Here's one I took five minutes ago (9.10pm).
Sun has set

5) my mum and dad. I may not have a close circle of friends but these two share everything with me. I'm so lucky to have such a great set of parents. Sometimes i wish they'd give out more hugs, some hugs. Hugging is not big in this house you see but you know when you just know... You know that hands down, life or death they'd be there, fighting my corner. We don't say the love word that often either. Truth be told i can;t remember the last time i heard it but, like i said, you just know. Don't you...

Angela x



  1. I've been wanting to go see Salmon Fishing in Yemen for a while - my friend Jess wants to see it as well.

    I've been watching The Voice but not really getting it now - I thought it was about finding someone with an amazing voice and now they keep voting for the one they can train more or things like that

    1. It was quite a good little film, for a Sunday afternoon. Pleasant.

  2. I'm liking the voice, although some of my favourites are already gone, which is a shame. I anm still not sure who is still left in it though - 20 people? Plus I like too, never thought I would as I hate the BEPs.

    1. I quite like some of them that are still left. And Will is still the best judge.


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