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Five things on a Friday #21

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

...on a Tuesday. Late. Again...

1) the weather. Lovely, hot, stuffy sunshine. Clear blue skies. No clouds. It's turned today though (Tuesday, not Friday). The weekend was ace though.

2) Excitement at the thought of a Starbucks Frappuccino. Utter, utter disappointment when i actually got one. A caramel and cream one. It was more like a milke slushy with whipped cream and the faintest little sliver of caramel sauce you could imagine on top. Half of it went in the bin. I should've maybe gone for the strawberries and cream one. I'll know next time.

3) I read a whole book in two days. TWO DAYS! Totally unthinkable. I was enthralled, whisked up in the story, taken to another place in those two days. It left me wanting more. So I was ecstatic when i discovered it was part of a trology. I almost exploded with delight. And of course hit the Buy Now button on the iTunes bookstore. Oh, yes, i read it on the iPad/iPhone. My first proper go at reading a book on there. Inneresting... So I'm now over 200 pages into book two of three and yes, i am once again enveloped in this story so much. It is amazing.

4) Friday night spin class. It was hot. It was perfect. It only had 10 of us there. It was much needed. I gave it hell. It set me up for my weekend nicely. I sweated. Lots. I showered afterwards and i had a lovely meal too. Perfect.

5) And i lost 4 pounds too. Wahey!



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  1. I prefer the strawberry and cream one anyway :) Caramel is a nice flavour but can sometimes be a bit sickening after. Are you excited about the Olympic Torch coming round? Is it coming near where you live?


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