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35 Things n my 35th Year: an update

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm now just over 4 months into my 35th year and i thought i'd go back to my 35 things in my 35th year list to see how much i've progressed with it. As a reminder, HERE is the post and the list is below... I'll add little notes next to the items as a sort of report on its progress.

  1. a road trip north, south, east and west
  2. wear pink lips - yes this has happened. Once or twice. Not for a while though so i may do this again tomorrow.
  3. a sunshine holiday
  4. show off my iPhonography - it's pretty cool
  5. go out dancing, in heels!
  6. ride my bike to work 2 days per week (disclaimer: in summer!)
  7. bake more cakes - sticky toffee pudding has been my staple. It's Eric Lanlard's recipe i use. It's tasty and light and the toffee sauce is to die for. No, really. You'll have to come and try some.
  8. have a dinner party
  9. be 8 stone, consistently - not quite but i'm getting there. Consistently hovering around 8st 12lb just now. So you'll see i've a fair way to go.
  10. see a movie at the IMAX - hello Batman! - HELLO BATMAN indeed. This will be happening this week. Woohoo, can't wait.
  11. meet new people that like me just the way I am
  12. wear a skirt to work regularly
  13. eat less sweets and chocolate
  14. Alton Towers day trip!
  15. try not to bother what anyone else thinks about me. I'm awesome.
  16. get full series of a tv programme and watch them all (LoveFilm) what do you suggest? - I've started Game of Thrones and am on episode 6. I have to admit to falling asleep when watching it but i'm going to try to stick with it. Everyone raves about it after all.
  17. get some cools photos of me done
  18. say "yes" to a social outing when I want to say "no"
  19. make some of the things from my Crafty board on Pinterest
  20. collaborate with someone on a project
  21. keep my skin healthy - It has been not too bad. I get the usual hormonal breakouts with a particularly bad spell about 2 weeks ago but other than that it's the same. I've just bought a new cleanser after using Origins cleansing oil for a few months. I'll monitor the progress.
  22. finish reading the book on my bedside table - Well, not technically the book on my bedside table but yes, i have read 2 of the Fifty Shades books and am currently on the third one. This for me is a miracle. I;m not a big reader you see.
  23. get an international check in on Foursquare
  24. tweet a picture from somewhere AMAZING
  25. have more faith in my gut instincts. They're usually right.
  26. get this blog sorted. If anyone wants to help me please shout! - Still trying to work this out. I tried to add new fonts last week but it didn't work. If anyone wants to help me out on this please do shout. I'd provide tea!
  27. see a real life Banksy (this has been on most of my lists)
  28. don't keep new clothes in the cupboard 'for a special occasion', wear them now!
  29. blog more, and for others
  30. catch a sunrise and sunset in the summer
  31. meet some of my favourite Twitter people whom I've not yet met
  32. step outside my comfort zone at least once a fortnight (I know, it's me we're talking about though!)
  33. stop buying stuff and things. Stuff does not define me
  34. write a letter and send it every month
  35. laugh, smile and be thankful
As you can see i've not completed half of the items on the list. To be honest, i'm not sure the international check in on FourSquare thing will happen this year. Although i'd very much like i to. There's really no excuse for a lot of the items not being ticked off. But there's still 8 months of my 35th year to go. 

So, who wants to help me with my list? Come on... Join me. Would you like to go on the road trip (1)? to Alton Towers (Please!!!!!!) (14)? Perhaps a nice out dancing, in heels (boys, you can leave your heels at home)? Let's catch a sunset? Suggest me some topics to blog about?

Or if all that fails, send me your address and i'll write you a letter (34).

Thanks for reading
Angela x

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