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Five things #29 and #30

Saturday, 28 July 2012

okay okay okay, i missed last weeks Five Things on a Friday post. Gah!
I'll add en extra few to this one, don't worry. Maybe.

1) THE OLYMPICS!!! I cannot help but be swallowed up by the while fever that has taken over form the moaning. Wow, the country has embraced it, for the most part i think. Day one and no medals for Team GB yet, but the games are still young.

2) THE OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY. I was soooooo excited and looking forward to this event all week. And what an event it was! Apparently 27 million people watched on TV in the UK and what a spectacular spectacular it was, from Danny Boyle no less. I loved the set up, a rolling green land, prospering with crops, animals, kids doing a maypole, a cricket match, a concert on a tor, a giant tree and even rain clouds. The moment it all started and then the anthems from the various regions that make up GB, that was the first teary moment. We then moved onto 'pandemonium' and fantastical extravaganza of steel workers, strikers, suffragettes, industrialists and high above the arena were 4 orange lit rings, the fifth being made right there in the make shift foundry. It rose and they all joined together over the towering reeking chimney stacks. It was a wonderfully dark cityscape. We then moved on to a tribute to the NHS, fairytales, JK Rowling reading Peter Pan, Mr Bean! But one of the highlights has to have been the moment James Bond turned up at the palace, yes, Buckingham Palace and brought the Queen to the ceremony on a helicopter and a sky dive! Well it wasn't her sky diving but fair play to the Queen for her sense of humour and rolling with the sketch. Later the athletes came in and the loudest cheer was obviously for Team GB, last ones to appear being hosts and all. So blooming exciting. Sir Chris Hoy held the lag aloft with such pride. It really was inspiring the whole shabang. Let's gloss over McCartney being rolled out again shall we. Throughout it all was a soundtrack of British music and film from the decades. Awesome. It really was a triumph! Bravo, bravo.

3) The Dark Knight Rises. So i relayed my thoughts in another post - without any spoilers i add. but I had to include it here, because it was a good thing of my five...or six...or seven.

4) the family returned from their holiday safe and sound. It was nice having the house to myself for a whole 12 days but seriously I was beginning to miss them and get a bit lonely in the house by myself. I don't think i could live entirely on my own. No way.

5) i had the offer of a sounding board via emails with someone this week. Someone so generous with their time and a person whose friendship is precious. Anyway, it's amazing what clarity it can bring to talk things over, say it out loud (or in print) and see it for what it is. I saw the light a wee bit and it has helped me clear my thoughts about something that's probably hung around for  a few months longer than it should have. Thank you, friend.

6) okay, can't think of any more. i'll end.

Angela x


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