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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I had a day off work today. Tuesday, an unusual day for a day off you might wonder, but i had reasons. My cousin, Brian, has just returned from nine months away travelling to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and he's been working as a teacher in Sydney, Australia for the past seven months. He arrived home yesterday afternoon for three weeks. He's looking great on it. So this day off was to coincide with that.

But I was also waiting on a delivery and return of an item. My new MacBook Pro. Having lasted me for five while years i decided it was time to upgrade from my Dell laptop. It's sooooo slow. It takes about 40 minutes to edit one photo in Photoshop. Hence the reason i don't really do much with my camera photos now. Which is a shame because it takes wonderful pictures.

Anyway, the first MacBook was delivered on Friday. On start up i noticed what can only be described as a tear like line on the screen. The was not right. I knew this, however i had a little play about with it and decided to call support on Saturday morning to see what they said. The next morning i waited until 10am and called. After a few tests, mainly me contorting my fingers into some weird shapes with the combination of keys i was being asked to hold down whilst holding the phone to my ear and pressing the power button with my other hand. It was amazing i managed it but eventually it was decided that i'd be sent a replacement device and that one would be returned. Today was the day.

The new one was delivered about 10 30am and i turned it one. No black line on screen, phew! But it wouldn't connect to wifi. After doing the turn off turn on of both the Macbook and my router i called Support again. After 30 minutes of tests and many off and on again sequences he told me i'd have to reboot the operating system. He talked me through the process and said it would take an hour or so, depending on internet speed. This took about seven hours!!! my internet must be really really really slow.

Anyway, about 5.30pm it restarted and lo and behold it still didn't want to connect to wifi. Further searches on the internet (on iPad) i decided to go through the help function and what do you know, within 5 minutes i had connected myself to wifi. I don't know how it happened but it did. Thank goodness. If i'd had to call them again (on an 0844 number by the way!) i was ready for asking for a refund. Honest.

Anyway, i'd saved my iTunes library to an external had drive on Friday night and within half an hour i've loaded all my music onto the Macbook. I'm so pleased that happened without any hitches, touch wood.

I do really really like this laptop. It's easy to type with. I love the sleek design, even the way the power plug and cables fit together. Using something other than Windows is taking a bit of getting used to though. I'll need to memorise all the keyboard shortcuts.

So now, i'll hopefully be blogging more and able to load some cool edited photos of mine that aren't from the iPhone.

And if you've got a Macbook, let me know if there's any cool apps i should get. When i bought it i got a £70 App Store voucher too - bonus!

Angela x



  1. I've had my MacBook since 2008 and I'm at the point of deciding whether to upgrade to a new sparkly MacBook/MB Pro or sticking with my current one and getting an iPad (And maybe a bluetooth keyboard if needed) can't decide though. I think iPad because I'll probably use it more but then do I want that or a new MB that I know will work when I need it to.

    1. This is only my 2nd laptop ever. My Dell has been good but now so slow so i treated myself to MacBook Pro. I have an iPad too and whilst it's good, I just couldn't get blogging or editing my photos the way i wanted, hence the reason i always tend to use iPhone pics now.
      Mostly I use iPad on the move or for tweeting, FB, watching YouTube, reading blogs/books, surfing the net. Probably not what it's meant for!

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