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A little bit human warmth

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A film can transport you to another world. A world so far removed from your own that when it's over you settle back into your chair and exhale as you try to process it and take it all in. But sometimes a film can hit you between the eyes with a bat and bring home to you the realities of your life and what may or may not be missing.

That's what's happened to me recently when I saw two not dissimilar films, 5 year engagement and Friends with kids. Okay Okay yes they are chick flicks but you know, sometimes you need to see these kinds of films. Anyway I've come out of both feeling that all i want is a huge cuddle. Do you know that feeling?

Not just any old cuddle that a friend could give you when you meet for lunch, not a cuddle you get from a kid. No. I crave one of those cuddles where you are there in a moment. Time stands still. It's not too long but by the same token it's not so short that you feel short changed. A cuddle where there is no pressure to break apart any time soon. You're there in each others arms, not a care in the world other than to make sure you're making the other person feel wanted and cared for.


You might even let them rest their head on your shoulder, or chest, if you're a shortie like me.


I'd love one of those cuddles right about now. A little companionship, a little bit human warmth. At the end of a long day or a tough week.

Angela x


  1. I saw both of them and loved them :) I know the hug you mean and it never quite works the way you want it to lol.

    1. Oh don't say that! I'm counting on it to be magical ;)


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