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Spin class - what goes on

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So what goes on at a spin bike class? i hear you say. Actually, I don't hear you say that but I'm going to tell you anyway. Because there are a few things that goes through my mind when I'm there.

First of all, spin bike classes take place at my local sports centre. There's a room set up with about 40 static bikes. These are bikes that have no wheels and are stationary. They have 'gears' on them which is basically resistance. The higher the resistance the harder you are working, depending on the speed you are going of course. There's an instructor and very loud music. Most of it's pretty decent and is fab loud. In our classes they always put the lights out but there are some coloured lights the trove with the music so that's ok, plus light from out in the atrium shines in too. So it's not completely dark.

Most of the classes I go to are called Velocity classes. Apparently some guy has trademarked the word 'spin class' and no one else can use it. Some gyms call them vibe cycle classes too. Velocity classes can vary depending on who's teaching it. My Monday class is by Claire and has a range of fast and slow paced tracks. She has kinda chilled out Ibiza type music. She's really motivating and i do like her classes.

On a Wednesday night I do two classes back to back. It's not as bad as it sounds and you feel so great afterwards. First class is Velocity with Julie - again more fast and slow paced tracks. Julie is a fantastic instructor. She's really smiley and has a fun personality. This helps towards the end of a class. I always find this one flys by. Second class is RPM Biking with Tim. Now, RPM Biking is from the Les Mills range of classes. These are classes which have set routines that change every 10 weeks or so. But more or less every class is the same, including the same music, which can get a bit tedious if I'm honest. Hence the reason i only go to one of those per week. But Tim's class is good. Plenty of fast paced tracks in here. Fast and push it hard i.e. up your gears as high as you can put them. It's a killer. Fantastic feeling afterwards though.

My favourite class is my Friday night hour long velocity class with Ross. A nice guy whose class is more slow paced but higher gears. It's over a year since i started going to this class and he's changed it up and around at a steady pace. We're now doing long slow and heavy hill climbs. In my head we're heading up the Col du Tourmalet! It's really good. By the end I'm totally dripping with sweat, as i am with all of these classes. I know, what a picture to paint eh.

So that's a little bit of an explanation about what happens at spin bike classes. You should try one. It's not for everyone by any means but for me it's a way for me to keep fit without aggravating my knees. Long time regular readers will know that my knees ache when i run, so cycling is better, for me.

Whilst I've been on holiday I've been going to daytime classes which are less busy. Friday night Ross has been doing these classes, which for me is great. Not one of the classes have been exactly the same, he changes it about every day. Today was a killer. Longer higher up through hills we went. Fab.

I actually love the classes. Granted, there are days when i so cannot be bothered going but once I'm actually there and have completed then, i feel great.

I go to The Peak in Stirling. Classes are £5 on a drop in basis but i pay monthly membership so can attend as many as i like, as well as having access to the gym and swimming pool. Pop along to your local sports centre and try one out.

Angela x


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