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Sunday, 22 July 2012

It's taken me a while to post on Essie Fiji. I bought it about a month ago at the same time as Bahama Mama.

Essie Fiji is a pale pale pink. It's opaque in 2 coats but if like me you have ridged nails then you're probably going to need 3 coats if you like that perfected look. As ever 2 coats is my norm.

My nails have been a bit of a state ever since i got a shellac manicure done back in February. My thumbs and index fingers on both hands are badly ridged and no amount of buffing will ever get rid of it. Having run out of OPI Nail Envy i reordered a new bottle and set about my nails with it. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it has helped the splitting that was happening on my right hand. I don't know if it's because of that too, but my nails seem to be growing at an alarming pace. That's sounds a bit dramatic eh. What i mean is that I need to cut and file them every week to keep them to the length i like. Actually, they're a bit longer than my new ideal just now.

Back to Fiji. For me this is the perfect pale pink, almost white tipped like colour. It's not sheer enough for a french manicure but this is a colour i like to wear when I'm fed up with brights. Although i do change my colour every few days so no doubt by tomorrow i'll be wearing something else.
excuse the little dent in the middle finger
I bought this from Boots for £7.99. It comes with the wider brush which i've said before i much prefer. I think Rimmel do the wide brushes and it makes application easier. I suspect if this had the way too thin Essie brush of old i'd have much less pleasure applying it. First coat is just laying down the colour for me. I leave it and then apply a second coat. As usual i never do a third coat because i really don't have time to sit and wait on it. And no, i don't have fast drying top coats either.

nice pale pink

The colour was easy to apply, with the wide brush. I like the opacity of two coats but i can still see the ridges on thumbs and index finger on one hand. Two coats have lasted me about 3 days and that's with me washing wall tiles and blinds with cleaning agents, dipping my hands in and out of water, washing dishes, washing my hair and showering.

Ridges on show, but nice colour
If I could sum this colour up it would be slightly lighter than the pink marshmallows that i love to buy from Tesco.

If you're after that perfect pale opaque creamy pink and can buy the wider brush bottle from Boots, then this is the colour for you. I really really like it.

Angela x


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