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The Olympics Eve and Team GB

Thursday, 26 July 2012

As I sit here and type I cannot believe we are on the eve of the Olympics. London 2012. Wow. I am really excited to see the opening ceremony. There are so many different sports i love to watch. Here are a few... the cycling (of course), swimming, rowing, sailing, tennis and the athletics. I'm excited to see if Sir Chris Hoy can get any more golds. I want to see Mark Cavendish win the road race, being led out by Brad Wiggins and aided by David Millar. I want to see if Usain Bolt is still unbeatable, in the Olympics. I'd like to see Ben Ainslie win again. For some reason the rowing always gets me emotional. I think it's because for so long we were there cheering for Sir Steve Redgrave to cross that line again for another gold. I still remember that Friday night we sat up late watching the final of the men's coxless fours rowing and cheering them on to victory. What a night! I am beyond awed and simply cannot wait to see Oscar Pistorious race in the 400m and 400m relay races. What an athlete. Nothing stops him does it.  And i so hope that Paula Radcliffe finally finishes a marathon in the Olympics.

I know some people aren't that fussed by the Olympics. I move sport and therefore always watch them but i think it's so exciting that they're finally here. I can remember that day when it was announced that London had won. Times flies.

Good Luck all on Team GB.

Here's a few pictures from a trip to Glasgow the other day. See! we are excited too :)

Angela x


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