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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Times they are a changing, and so is this blog. It is with much thought and a little sadness that i've decided to get rid of the Project Everest title of this blog. I'll still be keeping the link but i've decided that it's time to move on from that phase of my life. It was in 2009 after all.

The trek to Mount Everest was the single most amazing and most important thing i have done in my life, up to now. I say up to now because I still think that there are many adventures left inside of me.

The change to the name of the blog is one of those new adventures. And at this point in my life it feels right and is more 'fitting' to me. There will be no deleting of posts nor pictures of my trek. Everything will still be here but under a different name. Not much of a change you might think but for me, yes, yes it is. Head right back to the start of this blog (2008 & 2009 posts) if you're a fairly new reader and want to catch up on that story. It's pretty great.

I love this little blog. It has become a part of me, even though lately it may have lacked any...individuality? (is that the right word?)...
I did have this as a header image but it is MAHOOSIVE!
So, i'll still be here, still with the same sorta posts, but under a different name, once i decide on it. There are few in the running. That may take another couple of weeks.

In the meantime you might have noticed a little design change. Of course my favourite shade of red is involved and it's still a bit minimal. I'm not a fan of fussy blog designs. I've been wanting to do this for a while but did't get around to it. I've been playing around with the template and layout for a few weeks and tonight i think I settled on one that i like. I've also introduced a few social buttons over there on the right hand side. There's Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and Pinterest. Quite impressed with myself that i managed to add them on - high five!

Hope you like it!
Angela x



  1. Looks nice and tidy. Like it :)

    1. Thanks Rob. I'm glad i settled on a layout and had a wee play about with the code. Google has been my friend in this operation :)


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