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Saturday, 19 January 2013

I saw a tweet the other day from Jamfactory over on Twitter. It was via Instagram and when i followed the link, it was to a picture of a cool little letterpress calendar. He provided the link to the website and i followed and quickly ordered my own copy.

Here it is. The Because Studio daily reminders calendar.

It is letterpress printed on beer mat board and comes with a wonderful little graphic key to all the high days and holidays, as well as having a little packet or coloured push pins that you can add yourself for your own holidays or appointments.

I ordered this one day and the next day it arrived in a beautiful manila envelope with a string fastener on it. How cool! Inside was the calendar and all the bits together with a nice hand written note from the makers. A nice touch I thought.

Love the circular icons for holidays
Can't wait to hang it up and start using it
If like me you are a stationary nut and love a bit of letterpress then this may be for you. I really do like it. Now i need to find a place to hang it. I will have 3 calendars of sorts in my room. So I've really no excuse to miss anything.


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