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New hair-do, and I like it!

Monday, 28 January 2013

It's fair to say that my hair is really important to me. I'd say my curly hair is one of my distinguishable features. I love my curly hair, and if you've read here before you'll know the anguish I've gone through trying to find a hairdresser that i can go to regularly. My last attempt was a disaster that left me feeling rather rubbish. Mane Street: read about that here.

Anyway, *let the angelic choir sing* I think I've found the one.

I went back to Rainbow Room in Stirling and got the salon director Will to give my hair a much needed seeing to. After my last hair-don't, I said that I wanted ombre again but not the harsh dark at the top and really light at the ends. I wanted a more blended ombre. My consultation lasted a good 15-20 minutes. He asked me loads of questions about how I like to wear my hair, what exactly did I want and what did i not want. He suggested colours, told me which way he'd be doing it, told me how he was going to cut it and then style it. It sounded great. 

The assistant put a conditioning treatment on first and gave me a head and shoulder massage. He then washed off the treatment and then Will set about cutting it. Afterwards he rough dried and started on the colour. At the very ends I had a conditioning treatment applied, mid section was a blonde colour and then any remaining hair had the main colour applied. This was all left on for about 40 minutes with regular checks in between times. Then it was time to have the colour washed out. Afterwards I got another treatment applied and a second head massage - bliss. Then it was time to style it. 

He applied a leave in conditioner, a hair oil and a curl cream. He applied it to the ends first and then ran it  through the roots. Next he took sections and twisted them around his finger. Once my full head had these twisted sections he started drying it with the hairdryer and diffuser. I'd had this done before and was sceptical but actually, this time it turned out really lovely. When he was done he showed me the back with a mirror. Wow I was surprised. The curls were great and the colour was just right. 

Since we're still in winter my main colour is a mid brown that is my own natural colour but more shiny and a bit 'brighter'. There's a few golden blonde strands through the mid length and underneath there are lighter blonde-ish sections. This gives the effect of grown out sun-kissed ombred hair. I like it. It's gotten rid of that harsh dark brown and harsh bleach blonde ombre effect that I had. The cut is great too. He cut a few inches off the length, cit long layers into the back and sides and then twisted sections and cut downwards with the scissors. This gives the curls some extra bounce as well as making them thin out towards the ends. I really do love the way it sits now.
Lighter, more delicate ombre ends

I was really pleased with the experience in the hairdressers. I was glad I went back to Rainbow room and paid that wee bit extra to have Will do my hair. He gave me ideas for my next colour appointment too, a few extra blonde strands through the back in the springtime! Can't wait. 

I skipped out of there with a smile on my face and hot footed it to H&M where they have all around mirrors so I could capture it on my phone. These pictures make the hair look a bit 'redder' than in real life as I was under their artificial lights. Now, a few days later and after one wash I can say that i absolutely love the cut and the colour is great too.

I'm so pleased with it. It's good when you feel you're hair is sitting great.

Angela x 


  1. Looking great! Got mine cut on Saturday and finally found a barber who can cut my sideburns the very specific way I like them (It's really tricky to do them myself afterwards) so I was dead pleased.

    1. oh Rob i'm so glad i've finally found someone who can cut curly hair! The colour is a bit darker than ideal, but it'll get refreshed with some lighter bits around April.


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