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Time to fly

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The other day I was driving home from town. It had been raining heavily in the morning. Then the sun came out, but the air was still chilly. Then the heavy rain came along again. But on the drive home it was sort of spitting rain and the sky was clear. There was a blue that i haven't seen in a few weeks.

As I neared the village, I looked over to my right and saw this flock of birds fly around. They ebbed and flowed like a hypnotic dark murky waterfall in the sky. They weren't that high either.

The road was quiet so I slowed down to watch them perform. They spinned, they swooped, they dived and they rose up high again. It was mesmerising.

I began to wonder what it must be like to fly and dive and ebb and flow in unison with others. I wondered if i were a bird where would I like to fly to. Would I return to the same spot each winter or summer. Would I be able to join a new flock? Would they let me?

Perhaps it's time for this little bird to fly and join a new flock...


Angela x

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