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Not wearing Converse...for a change

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Yes. That's right. I've managed to buy a couple of new pairs of trainers that *aren't* Converse. And you know I LOVE my Converse. My red Converse are still my favourites - just take a look at my header photo. They're so comfortable they are almost like slippers. I wear them most days and they're my signature 'thing', i think.

But I'd seen a few style blog posts from the various bloggers i read and i always imagine that I'm there, in one of those posts, in my skinny jeans and designer handbag with the backdrop being a sun lit, palm-tree lined street. Of course, my legs aren't that skinny and i live in the heart of Scotland so it ain't ever gonna happen. But i do love those kinds of blogs.

The style of these girls is fabulous. I could never really put outfits together like they do, or tip my head at just the right angle to get the best of my awkward face. Occasionally little gems pop up in their pictures. Like wedge trainers...
Ash Cool wedge hi tops
Yes. Wedge trainers. I'd seen a few back at the beginning of last year and during the summer and i didn't really like them. They looked cheap but were over £150 and Tulisa off of XFactor was pictured in a pair. Which mean i definitely would not be buying them. No siree!

But as summer turned to autumn, then to winter a blog post appeared where the girl wore a really nice cream suede pair of wedge trainers. They were Isabel Marant and were pretty pricey at over £350! No way would i be paying that. But helpful as she is she included a link to a pair that were sorta the same. A pair from show company Ash. When i clicked onto the website i found those pair that Tulisa was snapped in a tabloid wearing once - yuck. But i also found lots of cool suede pairs in a multitude of autumn / winter colours. Wowsers. They were smart, but still expensive at £150-£185. I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't be getting a new pair.

Then like the all knowing eye that they are, ASOS sent one of their emails that you can't ignore and i clicked on their sale/offer code. I searched for 'Ash' and lo! The Ash Cool wedge suede trainers (below) had 35% off!

Still expensive at £130 but surely a much more affordable price - and with free next day delivery. (Still available at for 50% off!!) Anyway, I consulted my lieutenant and within a few minutes I'd bought myself an early Christmas present. I ordered the size 4 since reviews I'd read mentioned they came in slightly smaller. Bad move...

They arrived the next day and i loved them immediately except the sizing was a bit larger than i thought. I decided I'd order the size 3, just to be sure in my mind, but strangely with ASOS you can't just exchange if you want the item straight away, you have to order and pay for another pair. So I did. Fool. This pair were delivered the next day again and the size 3 were perfect - yay. I packaged up the size 4 and sent them back via the free courier drop service at a local shop. This was easy enough. What wasn't easy was the nearly 3 week wait on my refund for the size 4 pair. I eventually got that on 30 December, and only after I emailed ASOS twice. Granted it was during the holiday period but still...

I've worn the shoes to work, to shop, to the cinema, and they are really quite comfortable for a wedge. The heel height isn't too high for me and it give my legs a nice shape when teamed with my skinny jeans. They feel great on. The fabric and construction are quality and I'm sure they'll last me a few years (I'm not sore on shoes). I opted for the black suede with wine coloured accent. Classic colours i think. At the end of the day it's good to get them off but not in that 'my feet are aching' way. They may become my second slippers but I'll certainly not throw away the Converse yet.


PS excuse the jeans in the photos. They're supposed to be a regular leg length (29") but they're way longer than that. Otherwise they fit great, even though they look hideous here :)

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