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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

For Christmas I wore Chanel Malice on my nails and I wore it well. You can see those nails over there. It is a classic dark shade with a beautiful light barely noticeable shimmer in it.

But for the week between Christmas and New Year I fancied a little change from the dark colours I'd been wearing lately. I decided to go with pink! It makes me smile.
left: OPI I juggle men, right: Essie off the shoulder
I opted for Essie Off The Shoulder from the summer collection and to add that little bit extra zing to them i added a topcoat of OPI I Juggle Men from the Femme De Cirque collection which i believe may be a few years old. I caught sight of this lovely polish whilst browsing one night and ordered it immediately.
see that shimmer? see it!
It is an almost clear base with very subtle iridescent flecks of violet, pink and blue... shimmer. The particles aren't glitter, they're much much smaller than glitter. They're barely there shimmery flecks and they are so pretty on top of almost any colour. I added them over the top of Essie Off the shoulder, a bold pink that isn't pale and isn't bright. It's that just right shade of pink that will suit most people.

As ever i used one base coat of OPI Nail Envy, two coats of Essie and one top coat of OPI I Juggle Men. It was a perfect pick me up on the dull rainy days that we had.

I love this OPI veil of shimmer in a bottle. The bonus is that is comes off easily too, none of that wrapping your fingers in tin foil to remove glitter.

Happy nails.

Angela x


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