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Five Things #27

Friday, 6 July 2012

I think i might get back on track with this Five Things posting. Yay!

1) MacBook Pro. I'm so glad i took the plunge and upgraded to this machine. A pleasure to use. So easy and i'm up and running within a few minutes of turning on. Whereas with the Dell, now 5 years old, it takes at least 30 minutes for it to run through it's start up procedure before I can start to even load up Chrome for net surfing. And don't even think about editing a photo, or playing iTunes, you'll wait a further 20 minutes for that. So, yes, glad i got this.

2) Andy Murray is into another semi final of Wimbledon. The match is tomorrow. I think we should all get behind him and support him. I know people say he appears dour and moody, but i think (i've heard) that once you scratch the surface there's actually a really witty guy there. Somewhere. C'mon Andy!

3) our new bathroom. I know, this is a weird one but I actually love our new bathroom. it's all white and bright and has a gorgeous charcoal grey tiled floor. The bath is big yet tight but long enough to have a good stretch out in. Not that i'm a bath person. I prefer a shower but the new surroundings may prompt me to bathe more.

4) red trousers. My new red trousers. Red chinos to be exact. £10 in the Topshop summer sale. Bargain, and just that right shade of red. My current red affairs from Zara are more of a pink toned red but these...these are the stuff of tomato redness and I look forward to wearing them to brighten up these long grey summer days we've been having lately.

5) Spiderman. The movie. Out this week and i'm going to see it. Can't wait. Also my summer holiday countdown is on. One week today will be my last day at work for two weeks. Yay! and with that means only a week or so until The Dark Knight Rises hits the big screens. I'm both excited but sad that this will be the last Nolan Batman film. But I look forward to seeing Tom Hardy's Bane. Argh!

Angela x


  1. 1) I think I professed enough Apple love on the other post.

    2) I want to be excited for him but part of me doesn't want to get too excited in case the pressure gets to him again.

    3) Bathroom - I loved it when my Mum and Dad got a new bathroom - new shower and everything - ours is relatively new so won't need redoing any time soon might just need a touch up here and there.

    4) I need to get some coloured jeans for next weekend - been asked to play band with a Kid's Worship Band at a different church to my normal one and the band have like a uniform and everything lol. I normally wear blue or black jeans - I have brightly coloured trousers but they are combat or parachute trousers. I nearly bought a reddy-pink pair in the orange supermarket (Get me?!) but there was no where to try them on seen they reshuffled think I'm going to have to go to T supermarket again.

    5) Haven't seen it yet but really really do want to see it. Taking Our Sidekick and a family friend to see Ice Age 4 tomorrow - Although I'm sure family friend would be allowed to see Spiderman he's under 12 so I'd need to make sure it's okay with his Mum etc.

    1. Well the tennis didn't work out this time but soon, i can feel it. Did you get some nice coloured jeans? Spiderman was ace. A Coldplay song came on early on which i loved.


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