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Five Things #28

Saturday, 14 July 2012

This is Five Things and this is Friday (well it was Friday when I started this post. It's now Saturday). Number 28.

1) featurette of the Dark Knight Rises appeared this week. Pretty good. But does it give away too much? Not sure. I for one cannot wait for this movie to happen. Excitement is building.

2) An Olympian sent me a DM last week. I casually wished him well in his amazing feat of being selected in the team. He DM'd me. Like you do. Wowsers. Amazing response too. It made me grin from ear to ear and all made possible by the power of Twitter. I mean, come on, we would never ever have the kind of access to this without such platforms. I Love Twitter.

3) Bradley Wiggins takes the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Another awesome tale. I love cycling and this is fantastic for Britain. Oh and this every day, David Miller won a fab stage too. Well done the Brits, we can do this!

4) I lost a few pounds and completed 4 spin classes this week after a week's hiatus. It's amazing how quickly you can lose those extra few rpm's from the bike. I've booked all my classes for next week with a view to hitting it big time when i'm on holiday. Can't wait.

5) The discovery... a 21 year old student spends three days redesigning and rebranding Microsoft. This is frankly AWESOME. I love what he's done. They could use his skills. Check it out over at Minimally Minimal Also, check out his other work. Really good.

6) BONUS: I am now on holiday from work. Woohoo! So happy. I'm not gong away on a holiday as such but rest assured i'll still be enjoying my time off. Movies, spin class, gym, cake baking, dance move learning, researching and planning. Yay!

Happy weekend folks,
Angela x


  1. Wow! The Windows redesign is just stunning :)

    1. Isn't it great!! If only they could do something like that :)


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