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Monday, 22 October 2012

Blogtober hasn't gone quite as planned. You see I've found that you can't command words to pop into your head just because you have to blog that day to keep up the Blogtober you gleefully promised at the beginning of the month. But i'm totally fine with that. For me blogging started off as a diary, of that trek. Then after that was over it became more about me, and my (not so exciting) life. I sometimes hanker after those bygone days when i had things a plenty to blog about. But then i might just be making things up if i did.

I've always thought blogging should come naturally and not be forced. If it so happens that on a certain day/week you have nothing to say then that is fine. I've read a lot of blogs recently who seem forced and constricted to certain topics on certain days. I don't think that could ever be my thing, i mean how often do i miss the Friday Five posts?! (note to self, still to write last weeks).  

The blogs I like the best are blogs that seem real and natural and random. Maybe they're just great at hiding that fact that they've got a master document full of blog schedules and topics or maybe they're just great. I like to read stories and I'm a sucker for a picture heavy story post. Love pictures that are windows into peoples lives. 

In saying that, i do love a good beauty blog. Nails, nail posts are good too. And fashion. I've found a few fashion blogs recently that are on my reader list. Not high fashion as in Vogue or Victoria Beckham (I do love the VB though), no, fashion blogs which are of really stylish people with great everyday style. I sometimes dream that i'm one of them (obviously i'm not!). But yeah i like those blogs.


I suppose i'm still trying to figure out what this here blog is meant to be. Maybe it'll always just drift along being what it is, about me and my life. And i'm fine with that. I didn't intend for it to be anything else from the outset. 

Angela x

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