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Five things on a Friday #40

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A bit late i know. I have a few draft posts in the backroom. Still trying to decide whether to publish them or not...

This will be a short and sweet post. I have other great things i want to talk about that would fit quite well into this list but they each deserve their own post. Too good.

1) Starburst. Or for those of us who remember, Opal Fruits. I've rediscovered them. My only disappointment is that there are no lemon ones on their own. They've turned them into lemon and lime green ones. Boo.

2) Homeland is back. Series 2. It took me a long while to get into series 1 but glad i stuck with it. I've been catching up on series 1 again every night on More 4. I like this way of watching a tv series. Night after night.

3) Crisp autumn days are well and truly here. I know this because the skin on my face is getting tighter after i wash it. A sure  sign the seasons are changing. I'm making sure to slather on my moisturiser every chance i get.

4) Bargains in Topshop. I went in to topshop to buy some kohl eye liners. I wanted a nice brown and then spied a purple called Juniper. The hygienic plastic wrapping was nearly ripped off but luckily it hadn't been opened fully. I searched the shelf for another of this colour but there wasn't one. On reaching the counter i asked the assistant if there was another somewhere. She went and searched the make up drawers but turns out it was only this one left. I decided to take it. When she rung it up on the till, it came up as 50p instead of the usual £4. BARGAIN. I like a good wee bargain.

5) I found this amongst the subscriptions on YouTube. It seemed appropriate from what has gone on this past week... This is racheltalbott if you want to subscribe.

Play fair kids.
Angela x

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