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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

People are funny things, aren't we.

People can make your day miserable but for every miserable one there's are lots more who can make you smile and feel like you do matter and that yes, you are worth it.

I've had a rubbishy day - yes, rubbishy *is* a word.

But let's not dwell on that because you know what? there are plenty of good things about today too.

Like that wee 2 minute face to face i had with the nephews. They really are special boys. I wish you cold all meet them.
Like those stolen little chats with Linda who is a constant source of laughs, advice and goodness.
Like that hello from mr spin.
Like the end of the day chat with mum and dad who remind me that whatever happens out there, they will always stick by me.
And finally, like those people of Twitter who appear on my phone and know when to say the right thing. Be it offering support, a distraction, a laugh or a virtual hug. I'll take hugs whenever they're offered.

I nearly ran out of time to blog in my second day of Blog-tober. Phew!

Here's to tomorrow, because at least it'll never be today.
Goodnight good people.

Angela x

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