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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I've only really gotten into YouTube in the past year. Sure I used it to watch the odd old school TTF music video or clips from Pop Idol, but in the last year (mainly due to having the iPad) i started watching lots of videos and subscribed to lots of channels, mostly beauty channels. Those are more of my guilty pleasures.

Anyway, every now and again you get a few golden nuggets from either finding them yourself or from other kind souls passing them on to you.

These are a few of my recent favourite videos on YouTube. Have a look. Enjoy!

Kilian's Quest

Another Kilian, this time skateboarding with his mate. Saw this ad at the cinema last weekend. Thought it was brilliant. 

Danny MacAskill's Way back Home. Never gets old, does it...

And finally, one of my favourite songs of the moment. I Will Wait from Mumford and Sons new album Babel. Love it...

What are your favourite Youtube channels or videos?
It's nice to share...

Angela x

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