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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Today was a whole heap better than yesterday. It's great when some sleep makes a difference, albeit a teeny tiny difference. Still, I did dream about what happened yesterday which wasn't so good. I'd rather have the dream about when i stayed in LA with the Kardashians and i was giving Kanye West a pep talk as he was mightily distressed. That was a weekend dream. True story.

Anyway, back to today. Today I was a tad anxious about going to work. I just had that feeling of dread that ended up with me having a headache and that fluttery tummy. This is not good is it. Not at work. I took a few deep breaths and figured that i shouldn't care what people (a person) thinks about me, I need to look after number one (me) so to speak. So that's what I'm going to do from now on.

I had a meeting over lunchtime then i headed off for another appointment where I had pictures taken and putty shoved in my mouth. That's for another post though.

After that I headed home where those two brilliant boys (the nephews) were playing and generally being them funny little selves. Good times.

I opted to attend just one spin class tonight rather than my usual double. It was a good option because last night no matter how hard I tried to pedal I just couldn't get up to speed and the gears seemed to be low. I think it was a combination of being emotionally drained and generally under the weather. Tonight was a little better. I swapped bikes (they've moved them all around and I've lost my 'good' bike) and pedalled through a tough class. Happy with what i completed, all things considered.

The nights are getting that little bit chillier, the days are getting that bit shorter and I'm getting that bit braver. Are you with me?

Angela x

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