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Floored and Cold

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So yes, I've not blogged for a few days (I wrote yesterday's post on Sunday night) but i have a good reason (excuse). I was floored by a cold since Sunday. It's rare that i get ill so when i do I tend to really get it hard. Not that hard that i was off work. Although sitting shivering on your chair at the computer really is no way to spend a Monday.

My bones were achey. They had been so since Sunday but ever the determined little thing I headed to Glasgow and to the cinema, ignoring all signs of impending illness. What happens to me is I gat a slight scratchy jaggy feeling in my throat. 2 days later (i've counted each time) I get the aches, day 3 gives the aches and shakes and now day 4 i'm left with a blocked up nose and slight tickly cough. 

I was so cold on Monday at work that i even went to the campus chemist and bought a hot water bottle. £5 it cost! Whilst there i browsed the shelf marked 'cold and flu remedies' but couldn't bring myself to part with another £5.75 for a packets of Beechams or any other such remedies. I'd settle for my cheap Tesco ibuprofen. Let's face it, it's the same as the 5x more expensive Nurofen. 

Anyway, i headed back to the office and filled my water bottle up and sat it on my knees. The shivering and shaking soon stopped but the aches were still there. I was secretly hoping that someone would insist i go home, but that offer never came. By 5 I was out of there and on my way home.

By 5.45pm i was in my pyjamas and in my bed. A little later I had a bowl of home made macaroni cheese in my lap and Home and Away on the tv. What?! Home and Away is my guilty pleasure. I always catch up on it.

I think the lounging in my bed did me the world of good. I totally relaxed and chilled and got a little buzz from the chilled Lucozade. Yes, I'm that lame. Lucozade gives me a buzz, that's why i ONLY ever drink it if i'm ill. Otherwise I get all woozy. No joke.

Today I feel a bit better, thank goodness. I know there are people out there with much more serious illnesses than me but I never have a little indulgent moan about these things as I'm never really ill. Thanks to those who kept me amused on Twitter last night too. Yes, you.

Oh by the way, going back to remedies. I don't think I believe in Lemsips and Beechams and those things. I've never taken them if i'm ill and i get over it just the same as anyone else. Perhaps I'm just great though eh!

Back to the point. I hope to get back to daily Blog-tober blogging for the rest of the month. 

Angela x

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