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#NOTD Essie Skirting The Issue

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I've been really getting into dark red, burgundy, vampy if you like, nails. I bought Head Mistress from Essie's Autumn (Fall) Stylenomics range a few weeks back and i was really disappointed when i opened the packet it was in. From swatches I'd seen I was expecting a true apple red like the apple from Snow White, it looked like that in swatches. What I had in my hand was a darker red colour, leaning towards wine. I was sure it had been labelled wrongly. I applied it and was surprised again because it looked slight different again. More like the swatches I'd seen on the web. Then I took a picture and realised that the swatches must have been taken with a flash or in bright light because it now looked like the swatches. Thing is, in normal light it was darker than i wanted. It was a mid tone blue tone cool red, i think. That classic shade. Anyway, with the thought that i had a wrongly labelled bottle still in my head, i went to my local Boots who miraculously had this new range in. I compared it to the other red tone colours and in fact Head Mistress was the lightest red shade of them all. Hmmm.

Top is with flash, Bottom no flash. Left: Skirting the Issue, Right: Head Mistress

But I tried out another colour and here it is...
Essie Skirting The Issue from the Stylenomics range.

Skirting the issue, flash used
It's a wine colour. A creme jelly like consistency. It almost looks transparent in the bottle. Like you can see through it. With the now much coveted wider brush from Essie, this applied well. I have one coat on and no top coat. (You know how I can't bare the faffing about with a top coat). I change my nail colour every couple of days. Or have a few days bare nails per week.

I think this is similar to Bahama Mama, also from Essie, but it's not an exact dupe. This is more reddish, where as  I think Bahama Mama is a more purple toned burgundy shade. Also very lovely too though.

Skirting the issue, Bahama Mama, Head Mistress (L to R)
These will probably be staples throughout the autumn winter months. I can see Skirting The Issue being on my nails at Christmas party nights with a black outfit. Nice.

skirting the issue, 1 coat
What are you wearing on your nails just now? boys? :)
Angela x

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