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I saw Les Miserables...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

And it was absolutely BRILLIANT!

You'll know that I've waited months to see this film since I first caught site of the trailer a few months back. It made my skin tingle. I'm glad to report that the full length film was all of that times a million. I LOVED it. I've heard all the famous Les Mis songs on various talent shows but I've never really bothered to find out what the story was about. Glad I didn't as it meant everything was more or less new to me.

From pretty much the first scene Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean was amazing. A few minutes in and there's a scene that you can see very bit of anguish and pain on his hollow cheeked face.

Anne Hathaway is pretty great too as Fantine. When she does the 'I dreamed a dream' song! Oh man, I wept. I wept because there she was on the large screen, her new shorn head filling it all to the side and nothing in the background to distract you from that moment. It was a masterpiece.

Russell Crowe played his part well. warbling his way through a number of songs but still holding that menacing gaze.

The 'supporting' cast were really good too but i have to say I thought Samantha Barks as Eponine overshadowed Amanda Seyfried as Cosette. Barks was utterly brilliant and moving and of course a wonderful wonderful singer. Whilst watching I thought to myself, 'I've seen this girl before' and couldn't place her. Got home and googled her and *ringing bell* of course! She was in I'd Do Anything on BBC1. Where Andrew Lloyd Webber held a competition to find a Nancy for his Oliver show. I think it's amazing that she's been on stage playing that part and now in the movie. Hopefully it's only that start for her as she was great. 

Eddie Redmayne, that slightly ginger freckly kid from ... well where did he come from? but wherever it was I'm glad he did. He was good. Not a bad singer either. Very good scenes with his gang of revolutionaries. 

Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were totally brilliant as the inn keepers and really added something light to an otherwise emotional film. They were great. I downloaded their song as soon as I left the cinema.

As ever this isn't a review of the film, nor are there any spoilers, but i just had to get some thoughts down on paper. 

The sets and costumes were fab and the end scene a triumph. For all.

Les Miserables is a grand affair. At times it is harrowing. At times it is funny. With everything being sung I found I listened to the words of the songs more and what they meant. Kinda like how I have to concentrate more whilst watching The Killing with subtitles. It made me really feel the words of the songs and go through (well a little bit) what the characters were going through at that moment. 

Oh, and I want to see the musical too. Although in the movie the camera was really close to the faces of the singers. You saw all their pain and hurt and feelings and everything, you saw everything in every inch of their faces. Not sure how that would translate in the theatre. So who wants to come with me?

I'm going to see it again. I have to. The music was awesome. The film was great. I was sobbing all the way out the cinema. In a good way! 

Angela x



  1. I loved the film too! I've seen the musical on stage and it was very different, because unless you are right at the front you can't really see the facial expressions whereas everything in the film was in extreme close up. I suppose the emotion in the theatre comes from the music and lyrics rather than the acting. Definitely worth going to see it in the theatre if you can, and I'm desperate to watch the film again too!

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes I guess you're right about the stage show and the lyrics/music. I really want to see the film again too. I really do think Samantha Barks playing Eponine was fantastic, and Eddie Redmayne was pretty good too.


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